Orange Is Crushing On Pink!

Orange and Pink! What a fabulous combination of bright colors!  I love this color scheme because it allows the bride to express herself so much through bright colors.  This color scheme also allows you to have little details of yellow if you would like.  There are great variations of this color scheme, you could use the bright hues for a modern classy feel or the muted colors to bring more elegance into your wedding.

Table-scapes can be so much fun with this color scheme! They can be elegant, whimsical, fun, stunning, modern, classy you name it!  Above are just a few different options that honor the color scheme each in a different way.  The reception seen on the picture in the left, exudes a classy feel.  They used gold chivari chairs (which were most likey rented at 8$ a piece.  Most spaces do not offer these particular chairs and if they did they would charge you for them.).  With the chairs, the tall centerpieces the muted orange and pink colors work nicely and made for a beautiful reception space.  A modern take on this color scheme could be seen in the dark branch picture.  I love this trend of centerpieces using branches, it allows you to decorate it in so many personal ways.  This bride chose to add butterflies to her centerpieces, which were the perfect touch for her.  The elegant look seen above second from right, I love.  It honored the color scheme of pink and orange through table clothes and lighting effects.  The white plates and the white flowers really were the right touch for that elegant feel.  The picture on the far right is a great DIY table-scape.  Usually white linens are either offered by your venue or available to you as a cheaper rental option.  Use the crate paper streamers to create the design above.  This works with any color scheme but I think it works best when you use fun colors! Then take a simple glass and rotate using pink and orange daises.  Very easy yet still looks great!

Decorating your reception area! Paper lanterns are one of my top ten favorite of the decorating idea world.  They bring such a great feel to the reception, you won’t spend much on these, but what they do for your reception is amazing.  Get pink and orange lanterns in all different sizes.  Hang them in your reception area from all different heights… or maybe just over the dance floor so people get the feeling they are at a nightclub.  That is a great way to get people out of their seats and dancing at you wedding. See a previous post called “get your guests dancing”

If you want to do something different decorate with handmade fans! This is a great DIY project as well.  Use different kinds of material to really get a lot of texture out of this look.  Get a long sheet of paper (or any material you choose to use), decorate it paint it, dye it, distress it, tie dye etc.  Then make the folds, then bring the two ends together to make the circle shape.  If you are doing large scale you might have to use wire to help them keep their shape.  Spray paint the wire so no one sees it!

I had to share these three details that I feel in love with while researching for this theme. Down your aisle decorate chairs with a simple pink sheer fabric as seen in the picture on the left.  Rotating from pink to orange flowers on the chairs looks amazing as well.  The cake! I’m always a fan of keeping it simple, put some candles around it for charm, I love the flower addition on top of and around the cake.  The bands on the cake are pink and orange which makes it a very classy looking cake!  Guest favors, my favorties where the ones I found on the far right, a simple white box with a gorgeous flower fixed onto the top with ribbon.  Inside insert a little bag of seeds (99 cents) and a note that reads, “he loves me he loves me not he loves me so we tied the knot!”

Credits: the knot, get married, muse events, sd celebrity wedding, wedding paper divas, the sweetest occasion, unique event design, those crazy shuberts

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The Vintage Touch!

With so many popular vintage bridal gowns why not have true vintage accents at your wedding.  I was so excited to find this company, one true love vintage (thanks Mandi!).  It is a great rental company that offers fantastic vintage pieces.  As seen above you can find wonderful vintage suitcases that can you can add to any venue to give it that vintage touch.  You can incorporate these pieces into your centerpiece as well!  Talk to your florist show her the pieces you love and come up with a fantastic vintage centerpiece. Below are some amazing pieces as well.   I love the large blue trunk, get a few of these and strategically place them around your venue space, or on the side of your bar or dance floor.  There are so many little vintage accents that are offered as well, for example the iron keys seen below.  Using a bare branch type centerpiece, hang keys sporadically then infuse some flowers for a great “key to my heart” feel.

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Paint The Roses…Rainbow?

A unique touch like this deserves a post of its own! They are called Rainbow Roses! These artificially colored roses are sure to add a very unique touch to your event!  They would brighten up your corporate function, add amazing color to your special event, add a wonderful touch to your child’s birthday party (how amazing would they be with a candy land themed party!), and they would especially express a unique and vibrant bride.   These amazing roses can also be ordered to your specifications in certain colors to compliment your colors or theme, like the ones below.  It’s always fun to think out of the box!

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Hula Into Your Company Picnic!

Many corporations and companies boost morale, promote employee retention and launch internal changes by throwing some kind of company-wide event.  I personally love the idea and the positive outcomes that stem from such an event. I chose to talk about a themed company picnic! What better theme than a luau! It has so many options entertainment and food wise, it also has the flexibility of being classy and fun at the same time.  We can already generate some great ideas from the inspiration board above.  For instance there is a great idea for the invitation to this event, I feel a great invitation will generate more of a buzz around the office and boost attendance.  If you have a decent budget, hire hula dancers! Fire code permitting, get a fire dancer as well.  Everyone from CEO’s to small children in attendance will love this dinner and a show aspect. Choose an outside venue with palm trees like the one above.  The palm trees are like getting some of your decor for free! Choose fun colors for table cloths, I would suggest for a more relaxed feel don’t have the same color on every table, change it up but keep to warm colors (yellows, oranges, reds).  Fresh fruit at every table incorporated in the centerpiece is a great idea, it screams tropical and fresh.  You can also have your DJ come up with a fun game so the fresh fruit centerpiece can be won by one of your attendees.  I also found this great little plant holder on the right, I think it would be a perfect addition to this centerpiece!

One of my favorite things about a luau theme is the endless list of possibilites when it comes to activities which keep your guests engaged and having fun! In my opinion two of the best options are limbo and a surf simulator both seen above.  Limbo is great because it translates to all ages, it is a great interactive game to get your guests out of their seats, talking, bonding and creating positive memories.  The surf simulator is a perfect rental for this type of atmosphere.  It will help loosen up your crowd and really encourage them to enjoy themselves instead of worrying about their corporate image.  This is also a great opportunity to set up for photos as a keepsake for guests! All these activities and your guests will definitely be working up an appetite!  Keep with the theme! I found some great hawaiian inspired menus at  This site is fabulous, they share the cost per person and about four different kinds of menus that they offer. Even if you have your own catering company this is a great site to check out.  I love the idea of skewers, like the ones on the left, have guests order them as they would at an omlete bar.  Choose what they want and have them prepared to their liking (this way you can accommodate food allergies and certain dietary needs).  Have fun with the drinks! Most people would reccommend getting coconut shaped “glassware” but I loved these koozie type cup holders, found on the right.  These are great because you can put all kinds of cups and bottles in them and people can change drinks if they like without having to throw away their coconut for sanitary purposes. These are also a great keepsake for your guests to take home! I suggest handing them their coconut koozie upon entrance or prior to the event, inside give them a little goodie bag filled with raffle tickets or any other kind of items you would like them to have (maybe seating assignments and dress code!).

Happy Planning! Up Next More Color Schemes and Ideas for FABULOUS Spring Weddings!

Credits: Bouncy Castles, Oahu Scoop Blogspot, Party Opdeia

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Yellow Lights Up Navy!

Yellow and Navy Blue, such an amazing color combination! It is perfect for a spring wedding in my opinion! You have so many choices with fabulous and fun yellow flowers which scream spring and with a color like navy that exudes class and sophistication it makes for a perfect wedding!  A bride really can express herself with flowers in this color scheme, you can choose sunflowers if  you’re the bright, sunny, southern kind of bride, or if you are dainty and more girly go with a more delicate small yellow flower choice.  For your ceremony  decorate your aisle by attaching to guest chairs yellow flowers tied together with navy ribbon, or hang them from free-standing shepherds hooks which helps set the tone for an outside wedding. For your reception incorporate navy by using it as a base for your tables, like in the photo on the left.  Navy makes for an amazing tablecloth, very stunning.  You can also substitute the idea of white hanging lanterns, to yellow to keep with your color scheme, or maybe even alternate yellow and navy lanterns to make it more festive.    If you have a tent outside, I would start with the idea of using navy chair accents and table runners like in the photo below right.  I would use a deeper blue than in the picture, but it gives you and idea of where this vision is going!

You might also add yellow paper lanterns to the top of the tents, hang them from just the parts that have the blue runner, I would stick with the same shape and size and hang them at the same height.  I would also add yellow flowers to the poles of the pop up tent, laced with sporadic navy blue ribbon as well, just to give it a little something extra.  For place settings indulge in the brighter part of your color scheme. I love the place setting on the left! It is simple yet will tie in the beautiful yellow of this color scheme.  I also love the idea of the little flower ball on top, for a spring wedding you can never have too many flowers!  If you don’t prefer the flower ball, opt for a fan, a spring wedding could get a little toasty if it’s outdoors and your guests will appreciate this favor.

Moving on to centerpieces! I love the idea of a birch centerpiece (seen below) with the bride and grooms initials carved into it.  Top off the centerpiece with tall gorgeous yellow flowers, or sunflowers if you wish.  I like to be different so I chose this fantastic bouquet below on the right as an example of what I might choose to put in the birch vase.  Options are endless!  If you don’t want to incorporate birch into your wedding, you can also go for something ultra simple yet pleasant for an outdoor wedding like a little jar filled with daisies! 

Last but not least desserts! I absolutely love the cake on the right! It’s simple yet classy, the ribbon is gorgeous, and the large flower is the perfect touch! Use a large yellow cake platter to continue with your navy and yellow theme.  Some might even venture to change the navy flower to a yellow one, but I think the cake is phenomenal as is.  If you must have yellow on the cake add a few small yellow flowers around the large blue flower.  Of course you can accompany this fabulous cake with an equally fabulous candy bar.  In the center have the cake around the cake have all types of yellow candies, jelly beans, lemon heads etc, in clear glass jars. I would use a navy table-cloth to accent the cake.  This way your cake is framed with amazing yellow accents of candy!  There are just so many endless options and ways you can personalize the yellow and navy color scheme!

Next up Corporate Company Picnic!


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Come One Come All!

Children’s birthday parties are so fun to plan! They are full of color, yummy food and excitement! You have so many themes to choose from! Carnival theme is always a great one! You have endless options to keep the kids entertained and having fun! I personally love an outdoor carnival party, you can do it indoors if needed but outdoors gives it a real carnival vibe.  Greet your little guests with a balloon arch leading to a ticket booth.  Their ticket could be their invitation (which you could design to look like a ticket), or enclose tickets in the invite.  When they redeem their ticket, give them a bag of popcorn to start their carnival experience!  You can rent pop up tents, or you may have some already (I know we use them for camping). Line them up together to resemble a row of carnival booths! In the booths have games for the kids.  You can set up a bean bag toss, fill up cups with water set them on a table and have the kids throw ping pong balls in them, another idea is to stack 3 cups and have the kids throw a ball at them.  For prizes go to oriental trading company, they have tons of great stuff at very reasonable prices. Every carnival party needs a dunk tank! You can rent one, and see if you can get some parent volunteers! Kids love dunking adults! An inexpensive yet large item for carnival parties is a jump house or inflatable slide, for summer parties opt for a slide like the one below that has a small water feature at the end.

Hire a stilt walker, to walk around and get the kids excited, most of them juggle or make balloon animals as well, so you are getting a two for one deal! Magicians are a kids party staple, especially with this theme! If your child is expecting certain kinds of magic tricks, like a bunny out of a hat, make sure you inquire about that specific trick. Many magicians will accommodate requests! Face painting is always great for the kids, you can hire a face painter or even ask another parent to pitch in and paint some faces.  You could also hire a caricature artist, the kids could all get a caricature done with the birthday boy/girl! Makes for a great party souvenir!                                                                          You can also have an unforgettable carnival party and rent actual carnival rides, like this one, along with many others.  They usually rent them on an hourly basis so make sure to inquire if that includes set up and take down.  Last but not least food! Kids love Carnival food, and so do we!  Rent a cotton candy machine, kids can pick out their colors, and it makes for a very tasty treat! If you don’t have it in your budget to rent one, go to the store or chuck e cheese and purchase cotton candy to give to the kids.  You can also get soft pretzels at the grocery stores.  Pop corn, hot dogs, pizza all are great for carnival catering! I suggest cupcakes for dessert! You can get all kinds of different kinds! The more color the better!

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Pink Has A Thing For Green!

For the bold, colorful, big personality spring brides, Pink and Green seamlessly work! These striking colors are fantastic for spring! Since spring weddings are being planned right now, let’s get some details taken care of for you! First let’s start off with a big inspiration board! A lady like you likes choices! 

There are so many fabulous options with this color scheme. Your first step is to decide what pinks and greens you like.  For instance pale pink vs dark pink, or lime green vs pale green or dark green.  Then you can start building from there. Let’s talk about a couple of pictures you see above.  A great idea is to have your groom and groomsman in tan suits! Nothing compliments this theme better in my opinion, especially if it’s outdoors!  Also above you’ll see two different options of bridesmaid dresses! Both are stunning, what do you vision at your wedding? Don’t forget cocktails! Offer some pink cosmos or sour apples to accent your theme! You also have the option of adding in some black (which I love!) to include a more formal feel.  Check out the inspiration board on the left for good ideas on including black as well.  Chandeliers are such a trend right now (I can’t say that enough!), I love the black chandelier on the left, such a fabulous touch.  I would infuse some pink accents on the table in the picture on the left, and a couple of pink flowers would look amazing on that cake!  I see this theme being for the bride who wants a more formal affair, but still wants her favorite color pink included! Both color schemes are full of personality!

Hello Decor! Above you see some fabulous images of different decor you can choose from.  Of course another trend the hanging lanterns, which come in all colors shapes and sizes, are an inexpensive way to illuminate and decorate your venue.  Let the flowers do the work, like in the picture above on the top right, very simple elegant table with the flowers full of color accenting the whole table for you!   If you are doing an indoor event, lighting is your best friend! It changes any space in such an amazing way.   You can be so unique with your choices in favors for this color scheme! For spring weddings I always love these little pots with young plants in them, like the one on the right.  Your guests can add them to their garden or home, and they can watch them grow as you grow with your new husband as a family! They also can double as seating assignments for your guests! On the left you see Jelly Bean holders! Fill these little glass jars with pink and green Jelly Beans and personalize the lid with a sticker. Not only are these great favors, they are decoration as well! I love items that multi-task for you! You can also fill these little jars with pink and green m&m’s, you can also personalize your m&m’s as well! Wine stoppers are always a fun gift to get as well, they make all kinds of fun ones, the one on the right is a great choice for this particular color scheme. Again, let these favors work for you in decorating your tables! Another great idea for candy filled favors, is the three mini cans tiered to look like a mini wedding cake.  Inside each on you can put something different, like mints and title that tier “mint to be”, then throw in some personalized m&m’s on another tier, and jelly beans in the bottom tier.  That way there is something for everybody.   

Centerpiece heaven! Oh the endless unique combinations of flowers, pots, fruit, candles, sparkles and branches! Currently the trend is tall and grand centerpieces, for that I love the one on the bottom middle, with the large branches and the beautiful flower arrangements accenting it in the tall vases.  Have fun with your centerpieces, do something unique and different, use apples or limes! They look amazing in outdoor weddings, and they also bring the outdoors indoors when used in a centerpiece. Let’s also touch on one major trend, which you’ll see in the collage on the right, the green ball adorned with flowers! WE LOVE THESE! There are so many sites that offer DIY ways to makes these, and they are such a fabulous addition to chairs that boarder your aisle, or even sporadically on chairs around your reception!  If you have a band playing or DJ,hang some on their stage or decorate their turntables! For those who love the darker shades of green and pink, how fabulous is this cake/cupcake combo on the right? Budget brides, opt for cupcakes!  Speaking of desserts, candy buffets always come to mind for spring weddings! They are great for decoration and if you are on a budget they are inexpensive as your guests favors.  Do a combination of pinks and greens in all shapes and sizes of clear glass holders (if it’s windy you might opt for plastic holders!

Up Next! Kids Parties! We’ll cover a couple themes and great ideas for the little ones!

Link Credits for above images used in collages (all other images will link directly to site if available)- Your Best Wedding, M Awesometastic, W-Wedding Flowers, The Knot, Project Wedding, Wedding by Color, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

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