Orange Is Crushing On Pink!

Orange and Pink! What a fabulous combination of bright colors!  I love this color scheme because it allows the bride to express herself so much through bright colors.  This color scheme also allows you to have little details of yellow if you would like.  There are great variations of this color scheme, you could use the bright hues for a modern classy feel or the muted colors to bring more elegance into your wedding.

Table-scapes can be so much fun with this color scheme! They can be elegant, whimsical, fun, stunning, modern, classy you name it!  Above are just a few different options that honor the color scheme each in a different way.  The reception seen on the picture in the left, exudes a classy feel.  They used gold chivari chairs (which were most likey rented at 8$ a piece.  Most spaces do not offer these particular chairs and if they did they would charge you for them.).  With the chairs, the tall centerpieces the muted orange and pink colors work nicely and made for a beautiful reception space.  A modern take on this color scheme could be seen in the dark branch picture.  I love this trend of centerpieces using branches, it allows you to decorate it in so many personal ways.  This bride chose to add butterflies to her centerpieces, which were the perfect touch for her.  The elegant look seen above second from right, I love.  It honored the color scheme of pink and orange through table clothes and lighting effects.  The white plates and the white flowers really were the right touch for that elegant feel.  The picture on the far right is a great DIY table-scape.  Usually white linens are either offered by your venue or available to you as a cheaper rental option.  Use the crate paper streamers to create the design above.  This works with any color scheme but I think it works best when you use fun colors! Then take a simple glass and rotate using pink and orange daises.  Very easy yet still looks great!

Decorating your reception area! Paper lanterns are one of my top ten favorite of the decorating idea world.  They bring such a great feel to the reception, you won’t spend much on these, but what they do for your reception is amazing.  Get pink and orange lanterns in all different sizes.  Hang them in your reception area from all different heights… or maybe just over the dance floor so people get the feeling they are at a nightclub.  That is a great way to get people out of their seats and dancing at you wedding. See a previous post called “get your guests dancing”

If you want to do something different decorate with handmade fans! This is a great DIY project as well.  Use different kinds of material to really get a lot of texture out of this look.  Get a long sheet of paper (or any material you choose to use), decorate it paint it, dye it, distress it, tie dye etc.  Then make the folds, then bring the two ends together to make the circle shape.  If you are doing large scale you might have to use wire to help them keep their shape.  Spray paint the wire so no one sees it!

I had to share these three details that I feel in love with while researching for this theme. Down your aisle decorate chairs with a simple pink sheer fabric as seen in the picture on the left.  Rotating from pink to orange flowers on the chairs looks amazing as well.  The cake! I’m always a fan of keeping it simple, put some candles around it for charm, I love the flower addition on top of and around the cake.  The bands on the cake are pink and orange which makes it a very classy looking cake!  Guest favors, my favorties where the ones I found on the far right, a simple white box with a gorgeous flower fixed onto the top with ribbon.  Inside insert a little bag of seeds (99 cents) and a note that reads, “he loves me he loves me not he loves me so we tied the knot!”

Credits: the knot, get married, muse events, sd celebrity wedding, wedding paper divas, the sweetest occasion, unique event design, those crazy shuberts


About Sierra Smart

I've worked alongside one of the top ten event planners in LA, I've planned my own beautiful and successful events and now I work for a fabulous resort in the wedding and corporate events department. You could say I started my career as a teenager working in catering for social events. I quickly climbed the ladder and found myself intrigued with the event planning industry. I then decided to take a chance on Hollywood. I assisted and planned many successful events in tinsel town including non-profit, celebrity, and many special events. I went back to school as SDSU to further my education in this field. I now take pride in sharing the ideas and fascinating finds that I come across in this industry via blogging!
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