Hula Into Your Company Picnic!

Many corporations and companies boost morale, promote employee retention and launch internal changes by throwing some kind of company-wide event.  I personally love the idea and the positive outcomes that stem from such an event. I chose to talk about a themed company picnic! What better theme than a luau! It has so many options entertainment and food wise, it also has the flexibility of being classy and fun at the same time.  We can already generate some great ideas from the inspiration board above.  For instance there is a great idea for the invitation to this event, I feel a great invitation will generate more of a buzz around the office and boost attendance.  If you have a decent budget, hire hula dancers! Fire code permitting, get a fire dancer as well.  Everyone from CEO’s to small children in attendance will love this dinner and a show aspect. Choose an outside venue with palm trees like the one above.  The palm trees are like getting some of your decor for free! Choose fun colors for table cloths, I would suggest for a more relaxed feel don’t have the same color on every table, change it up but keep to warm colors (yellows, oranges, reds).  Fresh fruit at every table incorporated in the centerpiece is a great idea, it screams tropical and fresh.  You can also have your DJ come up with a fun game so the fresh fruit centerpiece can be won by one of your attendees.  I also found this great little plant holder on the right, I think it would be a perfect addition to this centerpiece!

One of my favorite things about a luau theme is the endless list of possibilites when it comes to activities which keep your guests engaged and having fun! In my opinion two of the best options are limbo and a surf simulator both seen above.  Limbo is great because it translates to all ages, it is a great interactive game to get your guests out of their seats, talking, bonding and creating positive memories.  The surf simulator is a perfect rental for this type of atmosphere.  It will help loosen up your crowd and really encourage them to enjoy themselves instead of worrying about their corporate image.  This is also a great opportunity to set up for photos as a keepsake for guests! All these activities and your guests will definitely be working up an appetite!  Keep with the theme! I found some great hawaiian inspired menus at  This site is fabulous, they share the cost per person and about four different kinds of menus that they offer. Even if you have your own catering company this is a great site to check out.  I love the idea of skewers, like the ones on the left, have guests order them as they would at an omlete bar.  Choose what they want and have them prepared to their liking (this way you can accommodate food allergies and certain dietary needs).  Have fun with the drinks! Most people would reccommend getting coconut shaped “glassware” but I loved these koozie type cup holders, found on the right.  These are great because you can put all kinds of cups and bottles in them and people can change drinks if they like without having to throw away their coconut for sanitary purposes. These are also a great keepsake for your guests to take home! I suggest handing them their coconut koozie upon entrance or prior to the event, inside give them a little goodie bag filled with raffle tickets or any other kind of items you would like them to have (maybe seating assignments and dress code!).

Happy Planning! Up Next More Color Schemes and Ideas for FABULOUS Spring Weddings!

Credits: Bouncy Castles, Oahu Scoop Blogspot, Party Opdeia


About Sierra Smart

I've worked alongside one of the top ten event planners in LA, I've planned my own beautiful and successful events and now I work for a fabulous resort in the wedding and corporate events department. You could say I started my career as a teenager working in catering for social events. I quickly climbed the ladder and found myself intrigued with the event planning industry. I then decided to take a chance on Hollywood. I assisted and planned many successful events in tinsel town including non-profit, celebrity, and many special events. I went back to school as SDSU to further my education in this field. I now take pride in sharing the ideas and fascinating finds that I come across in this industry via blogging!
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One Response to Hula Into Your Company Picnic!

  1. Karen says:

    Sierra – You have some wonderful ideas here! I am on the committee to plan our corporate meeting every year and I love this Hawaiian theme! Thanks for the suggestions!

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