Yellow Lights Up Navy!

Yellow and Navy Blue, such an amazing color combination! It is perfect for a spring wedding in my opinion! You have so many choices with fabulous and fun yellow flowers which scream spring and with a color like navy that exudes class and sophistication it makes for a perfect wedding!  A bride really can express herself with flowers in this color scheme, you can choose sunflowers if  you’re the bright, sunny, southern kind of bride, or if you are dainty and more girly go with a more delicate small yellow flower choice.  For your ceremony  decorate your aisle by attaching to guest chairs yellow flowers tied together with navy ribbon, or hang them from free-standing shepherds hooks which helps set the tone for an outside wedding. For your reception incorporate navy by using it as a base for your tables, like in the photo on the left.  Navy makes for an amazing tablecloth, very stunning.  You can also substitute the idea of white hanging lanterns, to yellow to keep with your color scheme, or maybe even alternate yellow and navy lanterns to make it more festive.    If you have a tent outside, I would start with the idea of using navy chair accents and table runners like in the photo below right.  I would use a deeper blue than in the picture, but it gives you and idea of where this vision is going!

You might also add yellow paper lanterns to the top of the tents, hang them from just the parts that have the blue runner, I would stick with the same shape and size and hang them at the same height.  I would also add yellow flowers to the poles of the pop up tent, laced with sporadic navy blue ribbon as well, just to give it a little something extra.  For place settings indulge in the brighter part of your color scheme. I love the place setting on the left! It is simple yet will tie in the beautiful yellow of this color scheme.  I also love the idea of the little flower ball on top, for a spring wedding you can never have too many flowers!  If you don’t prefer the flower ball, opt for a fan, a spring wedding could get a little toasty if it’s outdoors and your guests will appreciate this favor.

Moving on to centerpieces! I love the idea of a birch centerpiece (seen below) with the bride and grooms initials carved into it.  Top off the centerpiece with tall gorgeous yellow flowers, or sunflowers if you wish.  I like to be different so I chose this fantastic bouquet below on the right as an example of what I might choose to put in the birch vase.  Options are endless!  If you don’t want to incorporate birch into your wedding, you can also go for something ultra simple yet pleasant for an outdoor wedding like a little jar filled with daisies! 

Last but not least desserts! I absolutely love the cake on the right! It’s simple yet classy, the ribbon is gorgeous, and the large flower is the perfect touch! Use a large yellow cake platter to continue with your navy and yellow theme.  Some might even venture to change the navy flower to a yellow one, but I think the cake is phenomenal as is.  If you must have yellow on the cake add a few small yellow flowers around the large blue flower.  Of course you can accompany this fabulous cake with an equally fabulous candy bar.  In the center have the cake around the cake have all types of yellow candies, jelly beans, lemon heads etc, in clear glass jars. I would use a navy table-cloth to accent the cake.  This way your cake is framed with amazing yellow accents of candy!  There are just so many endless options and ways you can personalize the yellow and navy color scheme!

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About Sierra Smart

I've worked alongside one of the top ten event planners in LA, I've planned my own beautiful and successful events and now I work for a fabulous resort in the wedding and corporate events department. You could say I started my career as a teenager working in catering for social events. I quickly climbed the ladder and found myself intrigued with the event planning industry. I then decided to take a chance on Hollywood. I assisted and planned many successful events in tinsel town including non-profit, celebrity, and many special events. I went back to school as SDSU to further my education in this field. I now take pride in sharing the ideas and fascinating finds that I come across in this industry via blogging!
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3 Responses to Yellow Lights Up Navy!

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  2. rachel says:

    do you know where I can get a yellow and navy (and white ) table runner?

    • Sierra Smart says:

      Hello Rachel. A lot of times you can have these custom made by rental companies or specialty linen companies. Where are you located? I may have a referral or two for you 🙂

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