Let’s Talk Centerpieces!

Whether it’s a party at your house, an office party, or a holiday wedding, centerpieces are always important for your decor! Here are some of my favorite ideas for this season.

If you’re on a budget, go to your local Big Lots or Dollar store and assemble a do it yourself (DIY) centerpiece like the one shown below, courtesy of Kio Kreations


About Sierra Smart

I've worked alongside one of the top ten event planners in LA, I've planned my own beautiful and successful events and now I work for a fabulous resort in the wedding and corporate events department. You could say I started my career as a teenager working in catering for social events. I quickly climbed the ladder and found myself intrigued with the event planning industry. I then decided to take a chance on Hollywood. I assisted and planned many successful events in tinsel town including non-profit, celebrity, and many special events. I went back to school as SDSU to further my education in this field. I now take pride in sharing the ideas and fascinating finds that I come across in this industry via blogging!
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2 Responses to Let’s Talk Centerpieces!

  1. Angela says:

    I absolutely LOVE that gift box one – so cute, so simple, and so elegant!

  2. Sierra Smart says:

    I love that one as well!! It’s so easy to do and makes for a great inexpensive centerpiece! You can also elevate it by sticking something under it, get some styrofoam from your local craft store, spray paint it silver, red, or green (you might even mix up the colors to bring more color to the room, and then the centerpieces will stand out more! Thank you for your feedback Angela!

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