Dress Up Your Chairs!

I can officially say I am obsessed! I love these fabulous chair covers! They are just what the event industry needs right now… something new fresh and exciting.  They are a lovely pop of color and a great way to add texture to your event.  I selected a few of my personal favorites but if you visit Wildflower Linen you will find so many more fantastic options for any style.  I suggest picking out a color that matches your palette and then find four or more different styles that you love in that color.  Then alternate them and mix them up at different tables to really add a unique touch. If you are on a budget but love the idea you can certainly do every other chair as well, it will still look chic and classy yet you would still be budget conscious!

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I Want My MTV!

Every bride comes to a point in the planning process where they have to consider what kind of videography coverage they would like for their special day. You sift through samples of 8mm, digital, cinematic, and video journalistic styles yet some still find themselves underwhelmed.  You yearn for something different, something edgy, unique and creative… and then you find Rock and Roll Hearts.  They fascinate you with their music video inspired editing techniques and turn your special day into a unique music video that documents a couple in love

So my question is, what song would you pick for your music video?

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Hold the Fondant!


Let’s be honest, some people do not like frosting or fondant. What is fondant? It’s the frosting that looks stunning perfect for hours,  and from one who has seen a fake cake covered in fondant last for years you start to wonder what that stuff is made out of.  Ice cream cakes are not usually practical, you want your cake displayed and ice cream melts so does buttercream frosting, which aside from fondant is often used. Drum roll please… we have a solution! And a fabulous solution at that! Above is a gorgeous cake which to me is stunningly appealing, in my opinion I would say this is a “sexy cake”. But what does cake taste like without frosting all over it? Not to worry, the cream colored layers and the carmel drizzle will compliment the moist cake wonderfully. If you have a caterer, have them drizzle more carmel over each slice as it is being served.. or if you are more of a do-it-yourself bride, have classy white bowls with different chocolate or carmel sauces for your guests to add to their slice of cake.


Photo Credit- pinterest.com

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Floral Budget Fix!


There are many ways to save money on your floral budget. One of my favorite options is to reuse your bridesmaid bouquets! Often, bridesmaids bouquets are only used during the ceremony, at the reception their bouquets get set down on a chair or a table.  Why not use them to decorate your sweetheart table or buffet? After your post-ceremony photos have bridesmaids hand-off their bouquets to your coordinator or floral team. During cocktail hour they can be arranged in any number of way.  This is a classy, sophisticated, beautiful AND green way to repurpose your costly bouquets.

photo credit- theknot.com




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Lights Camera Action!

Many very important people in your life cannot make it to your wedding for various reasons.  But you would like them to see the wedding live as it is happening. How can you make this possible? This is a common issue, with a simple fix! Many videographers have the capabilities to Skype or provide a live stream of your wedding! This way the people you love near and far can see your wedding live and as it happens.  Ask your videographer how you can set this up.  Keep in mind you will want to be seen and heard, so go over your options of compatible microphones and lapels.

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Get Excited About Guestbooks!

Guest-books are a great way for your guests to send you a personal message on your special day.  So why not make sure this special message is presented in a special way!  There are so many unique and great options , but let us highlight some of our favorites

The Wedding Yearbook: Using Polaroid cameras your guests can take fun photos of themselves and place them inside your book with a message next to their picture.  It might be a good idea to secure the Polaroid camera to your guest book so guests do not become impromptu photographers. Use self-adhesive photo corners so photos are easily placed into your book

Nestbook or Thoughtful Tree: Shown in manzanita above.  Cut out doves in colors that match your wedding.  Sporadically place nests throughout the tree, using wire to secure them in place.  Make sure the vase has a large base to prevent it from tipping over and nests are large enough to hold multiple notes!

Mailbox: There are many postcard options that could resemble something significant about you and your partner, or the location of your wedding. You may even want to consider printing out your own using your favorite photos.  The neat thing about this idea, is that your guest will find your postcards on a table, fill them out and drop them off in a mailbox as directed (whether it be in the lobby or collected at the end of the reception).  The postcards are mailed to you so you and your partner can enjoy reading them when they are delivered! Keep in mind postage adds up, so make sure this honors your budget.

Typewriter: For a vintage touch, you can rent a typewriter! Guests can continuously keep typing messages to you throughout your special day.  Roll up the messages as a scroll and tie it with a ribbon.  This makes for a wonderful keepsake.

A fabulous do it yourself (DIY) project is the “20 Questions” guest-book.  At each table there will be a book with a different question on the front.  Make up your own fun questions to intrigue guests and enjoy reading their answers! Each guest will find a pen on top of their place settng with a ribbon around it, the ribbon should read “don’t forget to sign the booklet”.  You can find a template for this DIY project at Marthastewart.com. After your special day has come and gone, your set of books can adorn a shelf in your home!

Photo Credits: Marthastewart.com

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Where Did That Tradition Come From?

See my blog contribution for It’s Your Beautiful Day!


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